Nursing Home Crisis Planning

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When a family member must be admitted to nursing home, many questions surface:

  • Can we keep the home?
  • If we can keep the home, how can we afford it?
  • Do I have to spend all of my money on the nursing home?
  • If we spend all of the money on Dad’s care, how will Mom have enough money to live?
  • Will my long term care insurance pay the whole nursing home bill?

Though it is best to plan for the possibility of needing long term care in advance, many opportunities still exist when the need for nursing home care arises. The answers to the questions above are governed by a complex set of rules and the answers will vary based on the individual family and financial circumstances. Planning for a nursing home stay as soon as the need arises is critical to protecting the most assets possible. If a nursing home stay is necessary, consult a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

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